It is what it is….

Thank you Mary Peeler for my topic ” O’ the Day!!!  “It is what it is!” I am so sick of hearing this when you don’t have a reason for the way things are!  I, like many of you, live with an illness, and in pain, every single day.  Yesterday, I slept close to 20 hours and still woke up tired.  I couldn’t go anymore.  So, when I apologized for my lack of work yesterday, Mike said, “Honey, it is what it is.”  He wasn’t unkind or unsympathetic, he was at a loss on how to fix it. Poor guy!  He’s stuck with me!

Today, I am talking to Mary about her pain and this life, and the fact that we run our own race, and how God (Source) loves us more than we can ever know, and how when things don’t turn out the way I think they should, (like having another surgery),  I make the statement, “Well Mary, it is what it is!”  WTF?  It is easy for me to say  that it is what it is when it is someone else’s IS!!!  When it is my IS, it is worse!!!  Think about it!!  So, you find yourself in the midst of your journey and the road curves; maybe it doesn’t just curve, maybe it’s a complete switchback and the only response that you can come up with so that you don’t go crazy is one of two things, “This too shall pass” or “Well, it is what it is!”    I am tired of it just existing as IS!!!  I am wondering now, after studying the Apostle Paul, if he would have stopped somewhere on his first missionary journey to just sit on a rock, rather than being stoned by one, and tossed up his hands and said, “Lord, it is what it is.  I can’t continue being stoned, beaten, imprisoned, so I give…..It is what it is!”  Paul is quoted as saying  ” 7I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7.  I think that is the message about the IS.  I don’t get the option to stop, I don’t even get the option to ask “why?”  So I find myself thankful  for the continuity of change and knowing that in this journey, IS,  is what I make it! There are plenty of bumps, set backs, sadness, tears, grief, happiness, laughter, kindness, friends, love and everything else that makes it interesting, but it is ME and only ME who can decided my interpretation of IS!! It is my story.  Your story is different.  Just because it is different doesn’t make it wrong!!   So, Mary, today, we run the good race, we laugh in spite of the chaos and pain, and we take our IS as our own. I don’t want your’s because I am sure mine is worse!!!

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