To the hosers and the posers!!! Iā€™m over here dying!! šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

PSA…. this might not relate to the title! But it makes me laugh!!

Anger is a scary emotion for me. I don’t like the way that anger makes me feel! Quite frankly it exhausts me. Lately I have been inundated with some angry people. People who’s anger is like jet fuel for them and it’s the only thing they know. It brings them some kind of insane pleasure! People who have such horrid road rage that they are willing to risk their lives and mine to get ahead. People who let anger stop them from living a constructive/peaceful life. Which really brings me to crux of this blog theme. Losing your life doesn’t have to result in the chance to cause death through road rage, losing your life is just as damning by carrying anger. These are the people who obsess with the past, they refute the blessings in their lives and they miss the entire point of this journey. . I have had people in my life, well sort of because I have moved on, that are still so angry that the mere thought of me causes them so much distress that they fixate on their hate. Ugh. Really?? I don’t think about them with anything except pity. It’s sad in so many ways! Why on earth do people want to hang on to anger because my belief system didn’t line up with yours, or maybe because I am intimidating, or maybe because thought I meant more than I did, or maybe I’m driving too slow and you want to kick my ass?? Heck, I don’t know!! Whatever it is that feeds the resentment sure causes some serious anger!! Whew! I’m sincerely apologetic, most times I don’t remember the bad stuff!! Are you tired?? Let it go!! If you harbor anger against someone do yourself a huge favor and just let it go!!! Most times they don’t feel that way about you, or they don’t even realize what the hell they did, but it eats you alive and shows on your face. Life is way too short to be so frustrated! Find your Zen! Try to be nice even if you don’t want to. It’s called forgiveness, it’s a gift to yourself!! I don’t expect my lecture to change the world, but seriously Dude!! Let it go!!! You will be happier, and even if you aren’t happy, it will look like you are!!!

This world is exhausting. I’m gonna keep trying to cause love to win!! It’s what matters. The rest? Well, I’m going to keep driving like I do, I’m going to keep forgiving and I’m going to cut a wide swath!! I will try not to intentionally push buttons! Ha!

Until then…. let it go, let it go!! Life is what you make it. Peace out āœŒšŸæ


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