My dream….

I have a dream!! Much like Dr. King’s but on a smaller scale. When I win the lottery the first thing I’m doing is buying Speed Queen washers and dryers and opening my free laundry service with a clothing exchange. It’s going to be so cool. It will have a shower, a kitchen and a place to get help with resumes, job applications, reading if needed, and love. I see the front with a hot pink sign flashing “Lizzie’s Laundry”! Come in if you’re dirty! Come in if you need clothes to wear that are clean! Come in if you need me!!

This dream has grown in my heart for a long, long time. I ask God to give me a chance to show Him what I can do when I win the lottery! I will do it right!! I only see two washers and two dryers so I’m not asking for much!! It will be a modest sized building, nothing huge! In time I might get another one started in another town! Or maybe I can put one on each end of town!!! I know that it may seem ridiculous to some, but to me, it is the way I need to give. No one wants to be dirty, and it’s expensive to own washers, much less go to the coin laundry. That really isn’t “Coin” laundry because it costs a fortune! Homeless people have no place to put one anyway! How do you get a job if you’re dirty?? It might be the difference between staying down or the hand up! I dream that Arm and Hammer will donate the detergent and OxyClean will see how necessary the boost will be!!! How exciting!!!! I see resumes and soup. I see me giving a ride to a job interview. I see little people laughing and having clean great smelling clothing. Do you know how many kids at my daughters high school don’t have access to clean clothing?? They are teased and bullied day in and day out. I can fix that!! I can make a change.

One thing is for sure, I won’t give up dreaming of a pink place that doesn’t judge. A place where love can change my little corner of the world. A place I can wear my hot pink tutu and feel amazing!! I also know that some will try to abuse the system and you know, that’s ok too. Maybe they need it more than me. My friends are probably wondering how I will be able to handle the “stink”? I tend to gag quickly at things that smell bad, so I have that figured out!! I will have diffusers loaded with Purification and Thieves oil, and I will work fast!!! It can be done!!

Tonight I’m going to bed and dream of my hot pink sign. Then I will say my prayers that I can open my laundry. Then I will count my blessings. I have hope. I have peace. I have clean clothes. I will pass it on.

Goodnight loves.

Until then… wash, rinse repeat


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6 thoughts on “My dream….

  1. Such a lovely dream! ❤ May you be able to make it come true soon! I'm sure all these people you'll help will never forget your helping hand, and maybe once they're back on their feet, they're gonna pay it forward and spread the love in any way they can, big or small!

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