⚠️ if you are going to start this post, read to the end before you start hating on me!!

I’ve had it!! Too many people are only reading headlines or blips! They are skimming the truth and speed reading the facts and it’s making me insane!! More than that they repost partial truths causing the mob mentality plaguing our country!! Is it any surprise why you see the hate speech all over social media? Is it any surprise why life long friends don’t speak? Is it any surprise how easily people forget the character of the person they have known for years?? It’s is disturbing to me that every time I log into Facebook, which, I will remind you, that in its early beginning was for FRIENDS, I see so much hostility. I am going to use an example from today. Let me first qualify something. I am all for women’s rights. I don’t have to agree with everything that means but it’s called compromise. If I don’t agree with it I won’t execute that right, but I don’t want to lose the freedom for me to choose. Todays topic is something that I have thankfully never had to choose. That being said, I don’t want any woman to have to return to the dark ages, either. New York passed legislation that essentially protected the women of that state in the event that Roe vs Wade is overturned. It allows late term abortion ONLY if the Mother’s life is in danger or if the baby will not survive. Debate the right or wrong all day long, but I highly doubt women will be breaking down the door to terminate in the last days of pregnancy. They also said that “democrats were cheering after the vote.” Did it occur to you that possibly they were cheering the idea that women’s rights were passed and not cheering death? And in my humble opinion it was in poor taste to cheer if for no other reason than the misinterpretation it could cause….like it may have…I don’t pretend to understand the cheering, but maybe it was for a completely different reason. Again, this is not a debate about Pro life or what we may feel. My point is that only a portion of the facts have been read and repeated over and over until the truth is so skewed that it’s unrecognizable. You don’t have to agree with every bill that your party passes and being lumped into a group regardless of your opinion pisses me off.

The other post that is ruining the positive view of my feed is the Indigenous person/preppy white kid issue. Ok, we saw a snippet, then the wrong name of the kid, then something that says the Indian is an actor, then we saw more footage and all of the sudden the ball is in the Indian dudes court, then the preppy kid shows up in a tv interview unapologetically pleading his case…. AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! I want to scream!!! I could solve this in one fell swoop. I would grab my smug ass kid by the neck, we would go to the press, he would sincerely apologize (because his ass hurt from the wooden spoon) and he would be told ” I don’t give a &$); if you thought you were deflecting a situation!! You knew there were recordings and you look like a jack ass!!! You were raised better than that and at the very least you don’t get to be an embarrassment to this family!!” Damn it people. Rise above it!!! Teach your kids that regardless of their intentions, one stupid move can wreck your life! Young, dumb, over protected Shit kid. He isn’t probably going to learn anything because there’s a a strong possibility that his lawn mower parents* are the same way. But if he were my kid I would have thumped him HARD!!! I did dumb stuff. I egged cars, toilet papered houses, made a teacher cry (and on that one my dad had my butt), I learned a lesson and hopefully improved who I was! My parents had a zero tolerance for crap. The point is that the mob mentality of Facebook wanted this kid dead for being stupid. If I would have been beating the drum, I would have stopped and called them all out in a way that possibly the outcome would have been a learning experience. The counselor that was with those bratty shits should be accountable as well. But all of this escalated because there was no leadership. When I think about Elders, I think about imparting knowledge and role modeling. That Elder had an opportunity to educate even if the brats were yelling. I’m frustrated. No one takes the high road.

I’m tired of the hate. I’m tired of smart ass kids. I see that on a regular basis. I’m sick of people hating on each other because of differences. Gay, straight, fat, sick, Old, teeth, no teeth, rich, poor, haves, have nots…. when does this nonsense end?? If you don’t agree, that’s ok. I can handle differences but do your homework and listen. It may make you mad, heck I get mad over these issues too, but I don’t try to deliberately gouge you!! What can I do to stop New York from passing a bill from the middle of Kansas? Nothing!! The answer is nothing. I can educate my girls and son so that hopefully they treat people with kindness. So if you don’t like it, ok, I don’t blame you!! But I can’t change it and women do have rights that do need addressed. Unless you are a woman, you can’t speak to this issue because men have always had the right to vote.

We can make a difference. Stop passing along all of the ugliness. Share good things, spread love and more love. You don’t have to agree, that’s ok!!! Try to temper your words so they don’t sound so harsh!! You can disagree without using words like “libtard or trumpublican”. We are one people. Quickly falling apart. If you don’t see that check out the number of unnecessary suicides caused by utter frustration and sadness. Spread the love! Hugs are good!

*Lawn mower parent is a parent who mows and manicures the lawn so well that their poor little boy or girl will never have to face the weeds. If the parent sees the weed coming up they quickly mow it down so Junior has a lush lawn.

Until then…Give a hug. I’m tired. But not to tired to read! Snopes does the work for you sometimes!


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