3 Wishes

Spring and Easter 2010 074

Time has gotten away from me.  Every day I think that I will sit and begin writing this blog.  I was posed a question that has confused me for several weeks so I think that is why I have taken so long!  The question is, “what would you wish for if you were granted 3 wishes?  And you can not wish for 3 more wishes!”  Wow!! Three whole wishes!!  Hello Genie!

I am pretty sure I am abnormal.  I know that’s a shocker to those who know me well. I can’t even allow myself to think about 3 wishes!  I don’t think I would be a very good steward of the wish thing.  I have often thought that the reason I don’t find myself winning the lottery is because I would get naughty or something!  I would like to think it would make me a selfish imp, like Gollum in the Lord of the Rings.  I would hoard the treasure and throw it up in the air around me!  Oh what  joy that would bring! Ha ha!  Nope.  That’s not to say I haven’t thought about what I could do with that money!!  I think that I will stay where I am.  But sticking with the theme of the question I ponder what would I ask the genie…. or maybe I am going with what I wouldn’t ask for….

First, I would not ask for money.  Money is liquid, it comes and goes…mostly goes.  If I asked for money, I would ask that there be an unending supply to just hand out to people that are in need.  Now before you jump on that, I mean in need like someone who lost a job, is caring for a family member, struggles to pay for the electric bill, can’t afford lifesaving medicines, can’t afford college but have the grades and ambition, and mostly money to feed the hungry.  NO CHILD IN THIS WEALTHY COUNTRY SHOULD GO HUNGRY!!  I would love to just open my wallet and say, here’s a thousand bucks, just because! Now, go pass it on!!!  All of the good is no good at all if people don’t pass it on, so that has to fall into this scenario somewhere!

I have allowed myself to dream of winning the lottery and what I would do.  First I would give my business to someone who wanted to work and give it to them debt free, then I would find me an old, old house in the country, not here, and give my house to someone.  Then the real fun begins!  I dream of opening a free laundry service for people who are down on their luck and have no money for laundry.  It will include a clothing exchange so people can walk out with clean clothes.  I want a soup kitchen in it and I want a place of learning.  They can get help finding employment, write resumes, learn to read if necessary and get a legitimate hand up.  I want people to feel like they really matter, because they do.  We have marginalized the outskirts of society.  They matter, they are worthy of better and if they choose to use the resources, the opportunity is there.  I think we have missed the boat.  We all complain about the parasites of the welfare, yet we put them there.  I believe that one person can make a difference.  I want to start with clean clothes.  The selfish reason that I want a laundry service is that I don’t like stink.  I have a huge problem with smells.  My olfactory  senses are wayyyyyy too keen for me, really.  I can smell smells miles away, so if I get trapped by someone unclean or smelly, I start gagging.  It’s impossible to stop.  Did I mention that in my laundromat I will have hot showers and plenty of shampoo??

I would’t ask for health or at least not for myself.  There are a lot of people who I would ask for, but oddly enough my disease has given me so much, that I don’t know who I could be without it.  For years, I knew I didn’t feel right, but as a fat woman, it was continually written off by doctors.  “If you would lose weight, you would feel better and you wouldn’t have these symptoms.”  I heard that a million times.  The best thing that Fibromuscular Dysplasia gave me was a voice!  I now advocate for others (only if they ask)  to keep listening to your own body and keep searching for a Doctor until someone listens to you! You are worthy at any shape and size!  Your life is valuable.  On the flip side of that, the odds of living to be an old, old woman are less than the average, but that’s totally ok!   While we were in Cancun, a girl from Canada saw part of my almost 2 foot scar going down my middle and asked me what happened!  I told her I was in a knife fight.

I think I would ask for peace on earth.  It would be neglectful if I didn’t.  I would include peace in families, peace in politics (acting for the good of all mankind rather than money), peace on FaceBook, peace on your commutes, peace between races, peace between all genders and lifestyles, peace….  I believe though, that in this climate, without magic, it becomes a pipe dream.  I have witnessed so much hate and anger in the past few months.  I don’t know why it seems to be worse now, or maybe I am just more aware.  I have noticed that people’s need to be right outweighs any semblance of kindness.  What is the price you pay for always being so right?  I have seen people be so right that they can’t humble themselves when they truly hurt someone they claim to love.  I have seen political comments that are “so right” that friendships forged after years and years end in mean words and grudges.  I have seen betrayals within families that lies become justifiable as long as it benefits the perpetrator.  I have seen people I respected act out in ways that I would never have believed had I not seen it with my own eyes.  It breaks my heart and challenges my faith in humanity.  But then….then….God sends me these amazing angels on earth to remind me that there are amazingly good people in this world that refresh our souls and soften our hearts!  Follow the love.  Follow the love.  That’s peace…….like a river.

And last….I would take a moment to be quite selfish.  I wish that the weather would succumb  to my bidding.  I wish for rain.  The earth is in need of a good, long, slow, cool drink.  The crops are in need of rain.  My soul needs rain.  Then I would ask that it never get below 70 degrees and never above 102.  Maybe that is asking too much?  And if I throw in the wish for no wind… Does that cross the line?

Until the next question…..peace..  love…. peace.


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