No More MLM Pills

Topics this week have been tough for me to nail down. There are so many options; COVID-19, mask wearing, political opinions, missing children, so much news, both local and national. For instance, are the rumors true that the City of Salina is really broke?? I hear rumor after rumor with little to no information to … Continue reading No More MLM Pills


2019.. update before I repost. My lofty goal is the same on this 5th year of Dad's earthly exit... I have been sick in bed for 6 days makes the reality worse because he was my first call when I got sick. Here's to some zinc, vitamin C, and hot tea. I miss you … Continue reading Today


I require a lot of hugs! I require hand holding, hugs, affection and to feel like I’m still useful. This is what fills my heart and literally fills my tank. My blood pressure goes down, my dopamine level goes up and I feel like I can take a deep breath. I feel like I’ve been … Continue reading Quick