No More MLM Pills

Topics this week have been tough for me to nail down. There are so many options; COVID-19, mask wearing, political opinions, missing children, so much news, both local and national. For instance, are the rumors true that the City of Salina is really broke?? I hear rumor after rumor with little to no information to … Continue reading No More MLM Pills


2019.. update before I repost. My lofty goal is the same on this 5th year of Dad's earthly exit... I have been sick in bed for 6 days makes the reality worse because he was my first call when I got sick. Here's to some zinc, vitamin C, and hot tea. I miss you … Continue reading Today

Goodbye 202-1

The cold is creeping in and after a 70 degree Christmas, I suppose it’s time. What better way to end/begin a year with an Arctic blast of -27 F?! The cold may just freeze me in my tracks but the “cold” can’t stop my progress!! Before I delve into this blog, I want to put … Continue reading Goodbye 202-1