Mr Rhythm

We had a stable not far off I-70. It was my Grandparents pride and joy and one which they shared with many people over the years. Back in the day, before fancy Bloomer trailers, horses were not transported in luxury comfort!! Some got loaded on cattle pots, some in weird two horse bumper pull trailers, … Continue reading Mr Rhythm

Goodbye 202-1

The cold is creeping in and after a 70 degree Christmas, I suppose it’s time. What better way to end/begin a year with an Arctic blast of -27 F?! The cold may just freeze me in my tracks but the “cold” can’t stop my progress!! Before I delve into this blog, I want to put … Continue reading Goodbye 202-1

No More MLM Pills

Topics this week have been tough for me to nail down. There are so many options; COVID-19, mask wearing, political opinions, missing children, so much news, both local and national. For instance, are the rumors true that the City of Salina is really broke?? I hear rumor after rumor with little to no information to … Continue reading No More MLM Pills