OK!! Kids listen!! This is really how life works! Today, I am the fireman. I have been putting out the fires at work, after a long/short night letting my daughter catch up on some sleep, while I stayed up with my brand new granddaughter, Allie Ann! I got home at almost 2 am and finally fell asleep at 3:30, up at 7! Now, at this age I don’t do so well on sleep deprivation, so I came to work a bit on the frazzled side!! My hair was literally sticking up and my nerves hangin’ out! I told Sheldon that today I really didn’t like people much but that I would be cordial as I could be in spite of my mood! He appreciated my efforts and has cut a wide swath around my office, God bless him!!

This blog really should be about my newborn granddaughter, but that is too emotional, so I will include a pic of this little gem and that blog comes later!!

I get an immeasurable amount of telemarketers and Google listing scam calls on the daily and occasionally I temper my irritation and explain that I am in no way interested in visiting about their latest and greatest plan! If they don’t get it, I hang up! Today was different!! I had a very nice young woman call and ask me if I would like to sponsor one of the local schools tournaments. Before she could get her tag line out, I was explaining that the cause she would like me to support had enough money to basically feed every hungry child in our town and then some, and that there are so many causes not receiving thousands from their diocese who provide real services to kids in real need, that I would donate there!! Isn’t that what Jesus would do?? Before it was over we were laughing and I used the words that she is unable to use in her work place and I hung up smiling!! I LOVE THOSE GOD WINKS!!! She was supposed to call me and I needed the reminder that on the other end of the line is a kid doing her JOB!! That is the best part of my day!! I didn’t catch her name, so I say a hearty “thank you” to the cute girl on the other end of the line who didn’t think my cynicism was out of line or over the top!! Thank you for listening to an old woman rant about the system and how I feel about little kids in our own community. Thank you for laughing at my twisted humor and allowing me to shed some light about my feeling of Middle Earth, better known as the Upside Down, in Salina, KS!! This old bitch is tired!!! That sign on my head that generally says, “Hello, I am kind, Please feel free to dump your garbage and tell me your life story” now says ” OUT OF ORDER! This bitch is TIRED!!” Yep, I’m there. I am checking out of the mainstream of life for a couple of days!! I am going to regress to my favorite 2 year old self with my favorite 2 year old and I am going to the pumpkin patch!! I am going to paint my pumpkin, which is better than painting my wagon, and the first person who walks up to me and dumps their unwanted garbage, because I am that empath, I am going to blitz out and either drop and flop, or turn and walk!! Rude?? I think not!! I am going to retire from the business of therapy free gratis and I am either going to charge thousands, because that’s what I have spent, or I am going to start saying “Be quiet!! ” (I feel empowered today!! LOL)

Thank you Stranger girl who made my day!! Thank you for those who keep me laughing and thank you to Sheldon for reminding me that “things could be worse”! I don’t test that theory anymore!!

Until then…..peace out!! Tune out!! and Turn up the music!!


I love the irony of this pic!!! IT KILLS ME!!! “Kindness is FREE”, I’m not feeling it today!! LOL!!

Have A Nice Day

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