The Unselfish Act of Letting Go

2015-04-04 09.35.35

I have a friend who has recently had to let go.  She has had to let go of the love of her life as she watched him pass away.  She told me that when he got so tired and the end was near  he was really ready to go home, to his eternal home.  She said that it wasn’t fair of her to beg him to stay. He had lived a life basked in the faith and was unafraid to let go and let God.  I suppose I am most inspired by the demonstration of undying love that she has shown.  The kind of love that she showed him by not giving him guilt for leaving, but by truly loving him enough to pray for him to have a peaceful crossing.  I am humbled by the absolute trust in God that both of them have lived.  Out of pure love, she gave him permission to die.  That is brave.  That is kind.   That is humble.

I believe in Jesus Christ.  I believe in the promise of Eternal Life.  I believe that death is not the end of the road, but another beginning!  I ‘m not sure that I could show such grace during the deepest sadness.  I would like to think that I too can be so  brave and be thankful for the time that we have been given together and  I hope that I can let go and give my love the “ok”  to leave when the time comes.  Or better yet,  I hope that Mike is able to “let go and let God” do what is to be done when it is my time.  That is unselfish.  That is beautiful.  That is what we are called to be–unselfish.  The human side of me grieves for my friend, the Christian in me rejoices!

I would tell you that I am inspired on a fairly regular basis.  I am inspired by people who walk in faith– strong faith; not to be distracted or tossed off course by the ways of the world.  They stay focused on their walk with God.  I am inspired by the givers of the world.  Those who give mostly of their time and talents to causes that most of us are incapable of  recognizing.  Who want to do better by their fellow man and they somehow know how to get things done!   I am inspired by random acts of kindness.  By people stopping to look you in the eye and actually listen.  I am inspired by honesty and people who’s word is their bond.  I am sort of inspired by people who have a desire to work out!  I applaud their ability to commit to their regimen and take the time for themselves.  I haven’t been inspired enough to follow their lead.  I have been, however, inspired to be a better human, to do better with our earth and the resources that we have been entrusted with,  inspired to grow my faith, which in turn causes me to be more of a giver, a listener, and more honest.  Goodness follows goodness.  The same can be said for works for evil, but that is not worth addressing!

Everything that I have mentioned inspires me to do better, to do more to love my neighbor.   I am called to trust, be unafraid, serve, love, give.  It gets easier and easier the more I practice, the more I study, the more I read, the more I do, the more I live, the more I see.   I am driven in my soul to be a better form of me daily, that is the reflection we are supposed to see.  I am a daily sinner, but I am a flawed work in progress.  The best part is that God loves me right where I am.  Right here.  Flaws and all.

Thank you for this day.  Thank you for loving me. Thank you for this life that I am living.  Thank you for everything.  Amen.

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