Unplugging….Does Instagram Count??!

Yesterday I announced that I was unplugging from Facebook.  I made an obligatory post in case my actual friends wondered, then I text them and told them they could text me or call me I was happy to visit.  I have recently noticed my mood being really kind of sad and the news in FaceBookland doesn’t help me at all.  I have also recently weaned off of my Wellbutrin antidepressant that I have taken for many years.  Perhaps that has something to do with it.  I definitely know that it has affected my dreams and my internal monologue.  I am not nice to me.  I am a wonderful cheerleader to everyone else, but I am unkind to myself.  I have something like 983 friends on Facebook, down from the almost 1,500 that I did have.  I decided that I would take to heart the suggestion that if you wouldn’t send the person a birthday card or at the very least send them a text, without the FB reminder, are they your friend?  Immmm NO.  Then I deleted those who like to see me struggle, the people who only requested my friendship to creep on me, the people who won’t speak to me at school functions, you know who you are, and the people who are so politically hateful that I had to let them go.  I was also getting depressed about people who say they love me that wouldn’t acknowledge anything I did. It is deliberately passive aggressive to not “like” something someone posts, especially family or grandkids pics!!!  My psyche has gotten stupidly fragile with FaceBook.  Not anymore, because I am taking me back!!

I spent hours ignoring things and people and skimming my phone, mindlessly looking at bullshit.  I don’t really care what the hell people eat.  I could care less.  I do like to see people I love doing well and enjoying the time that they aren’t working!! Smiling faces, babies that laugh loudly, parties, birthdays, happy anniversaries, retirements, sunsets, dogs, cats, funny sayings, all of these things bring me a sense of happiness for those who are truly choosing to be positive and kind!!  I love that!! I am sincerely happy for people who post the good things in their lives.  Donald Trump memes, Barak Obama memes, Hillary Clinton memes, Mike Pence memes, these things make me angry and depressed, so to Instagram I go!!!  I can scroll and see a super quick glimpse of what makes you happy, body positivity, people I choose to follow! God has richly blessed me, why on earth am I wasting my life filtering through bullshit that I don’t have to?  I get enough of that living and working!!

I am going to ask my kids to unplug to at least just one site.  I highly doubt I can get that done.  For some reason they think they will miss something.  So did I.  It is a sick habit that I sat down several times today and actually clicked on the icon on my phone….nothing happened!!! It was a sick reminder that my  brain is still wired in.  I wonder if I will get the shakes, have bad nightmares, fall off the earth, or maybe I will hear my kids, see my grandson in a different light, not through a lens, and maybe just maybe my brain will click along a little better than it has since I won’t be distracted by bullshit!!

Oh but before I forget, this week on the 15th my baby turns 18!! I won’t be posting a long thing about how much I love her and how wonderful she is……..but she is!  Happy Birthday Addison Kate!! You make my life complete and you  bring a lot of joy to those who know you!! Can’t believe I have had you soooooo long!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to get on your phone and read my bullshit!!! That makes me smile, and laugh just a little.  I think this entire blog is hypocritical since I am still logged on to this site!!

Ha! Until then, unplug, relax, repeat!!



2 thoughts on “Unplugging….Does Instagram Count??!

  1. Liz,
    I love seeing your posts on FB about your family and your grandson! I am in instagram so I will still be able to catch up. I think that everyone spends too much time on social media me included but I have tried to unplug more and just enjoy time with my family.

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