What do you see?

Music is one of the most powerful things in my life. It transports me to times and places in my life where memories were made. Some are good and some are the most sad. I remember the song that played minutes after my grandfather had died on New Years Day 1989, James Taylor’s Carolina in my Mind. I remember the song I sang to my baby when we were alone, Bette Midler’s, Baby Mine. I remember dancing to The GoGo’s, We Got The Beat in a smoky bar in Oklahoma during my college days. I remember cruising Main in WaKeeney to The Car’s entire album Candy O!! I remember 8th grade dances in the basement of the Trego bank dancing to When I’m With You, Sheriff, playing on a 45 turn table! I remember my Dad singing Waylon Jennings, Only Daddy That’ll Wall The Line and feeling so incredibly lucky, loved and proud because that was really true! I remember walking into the barn after he died in December 2014, to his workshop where he always left the radio on, to keep the mice away, only to be greeted by Waylon singing that very song! That was another God Wink.

For years at Th’ Gatherin’ there were wonderful bands playing all kinds of Celtic and Americana music. It’s no secret to anyone that my favorite is still the duo Switchback. Marty McCormack and Brian Fitzgerald have become the brothers I am blessed to choose. We are very close and I am eternally grateful that we met 20 years ago. If you are interested in checking them out it’s http://www.waygoodmusic.com! Which is what started this blog in the first place!

Erin sent me a snap chat today and it was music playing with a message that read “Close your eyes. What do you see? I see us dancing…”. I closed my eyes only to let the tears fall. You see, some memories are so precious that two notes of The Death of William Henry and I’m standing on Th’ Gatherin’ grounds filled with laughter and people, music, costumes, soaking in every moment. I hear the band, I look toward the tent to see my dad leaning against the tent pole smiling. His arms are crossed against his “An Irishman walks out of a bar…No it really happens!!” T shirt, his favorite ball cap, and his kilt. He looks so handsome. He is fixated on the dance floor. The dance floor is painted bright blue with white Celtic design painted on it and in the middle of the floor is my baby girl, dressed in a beautiful dress and a purple cape. She’s got beads draped around her neck making jingling noises as she twists and twirls to the music completely unaware that for that moment, she is dancing memories into his heart. He’s saving the beauty of that moment, the music, Doll dancing, all to pool in his heart only to recall them many years from now. Those memories are the kind that save you when situations in life become too much to bear. A memory that you take with you when you cross over. Because music made a memory filled with love and love is all we get to keep from this life.

Very seldom will you find me without music playing. All kinds. Thank you Erin for the memory today. Dance baby. Dance. It makes life sweet.

Until then….play. Dance. Listen. Memorize. Love.


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