Plenty of Freaks….

I’m going to be a famous writer.  I am.  I just don’t know how to do that yet, but it’s coming.  I had visions years ago of being the next Carrie Bradshaw, writing from my brownstone apartment in NYC.  I would give advice, talk about fashion ( for Full figured girls of course), and dating!  As it is, I am past the median age for giving dating and sex advice to anyone!!  I can however live vicariously through my friend’s dating experiences on Plenty of Fish, which should really be called, Plenty of Freaks!!  Some of the things she tells me are quite hair raising, but where do single, middle aged people go to meet other people looking for more of a relationship, not just a hook up??

I am struck at the number of young adults, college aged, that are forced to defer to online dating apps to meet people.  I don’t understand how you can be on a campus of thousands, in a class of 200 or more, in a dorm of a thousand, and not find someone to go on a date!!!  When I was in college, I had some random guy pass me a note in business class, then I met him!  Oh how I miss the good old days!!  I think it is just plain sad that we have resorted to a computer screen to become our social club.  The bar was always an option, or blind dates, or a friend of a friend hook ups, but now it’s Tinder or that horrible Farmers Only Dot Com, that makes all farmers look like imbeciles, or whatever!  I know so many cool college aged kids that deserve to meet amazing people to date, but finding the courage to actually approach someone and start a conversation is difficult.  They tell me that if you were to do that people think you are some kind of creep!  Really?  I think it’s totally creepier to meet someone who still lives in their Mom’s basement, gets online and pretends to be someone he is definitely not!!

I know that everything changes and cycles, that nothing is forever.  I am seriously hoping that the online dating sites are simply a phase.  I pray that people get back to the one on one communication necessary to being any relationship.  I hope that my young friends take a leap of faith and pass a note to someone!  What’s the worst thing that can happen?? They won”t talk to you??  Well, they aren’t talking now, so as I see it, there is no harm!!   I always thought church might be a great place to make connections.  Someone’s grandma is going to say to her single granddaughter,  “there is the nicest young man going to our church,  I need to introduce you two!”  That’s what this grandma would do!!

So for today, married or not, approach a stranger and talk to them!! Break the ice!! Maybe you might find a new friendship and that person might have a single friend for my single friend!! It’s worth a shot!!

until then….peace


One thought on “Plenty of Freaks….

  1. Great one! I will admit I have met my fair share of dates online, but never through a dating site. Most of them were met in forums dedicated to interests in common (mostly collaborative writing/role playing) and then a friendship blossomed. Other than that, I tend to meet a lot of people during long bus trips, because who the heck has the patience to sit in a bus for hours and not talk to the person next to you? (Note: It’s not considered rude in my culture, so your mileage may vary)

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