I’m afraid I wasn’t finished

I guess that yesterday’s topic must have resonated a little louder with me than some other topics because I dreamed about it! That means I need to address the idea of “living” in a bit more depth!

There are days, most days, that I tend to believe that my life is less important than others based on my definition of living or what activities are part of my life. What am I saying? If I compare my rather mundane, uneventful life to someone like Oprah, my life looks pretty unimpressive. After all she gave “you a car and you a car and you a car!!” I haven’t been able to give anyone a car! Or maybe I compare myself to Jane Goodall, one of my idols! She has educated the world on the importance of taking care of our wildlife with the main lesson being “take care of each other.” She’s touched millions!! Me? Well I’ve probably hugged hundreds, but that’s a far cry from educating millions! Don’t we do this comparison thing in everything we do to determine our life’s worth??

“If I looked like her, I would be happy too!” I’ve said that. I have believed that. I think part of me will always look at portions of my life with that envy. “If I had their money I would change the world too!” This statement isn’t as relatable to me because I have found that giving is possible even if you don’t have it to give. Give a hug. Give of your time. Give freely and God provides. I know this. But for some, giving is a difficult thing to do and causes us to compare ourselves to others. “If I were famous this __________ wouldn’t be a problem.” Whatever “it” is causes us to live, or not, based on our circumstances. We are all caught up in these ideas and these are just a few!! Imagine how many more race through our minds quickly extinguishing those positive thoughts we try to rehearse constantly!

I have it in my head that because I’m not famous, wealthy, or touching millions, that my life isn’t as full as those who give away cars!!! The rational side of me knows that my worth doesn’t come from anyone but God. As Mary Peeler says, “the more we love ourselves, the closer to God we become.” My worth isn’t altered because I am unable to do things I once did. My worth isn’t defined by all of the “shoulda, woulda, coulda’s”. My worth has to be defined by love. The living is the love! The love of God, God’s love of me, love from friends, love for friends and fellow man, love of family and love from family. You see, love is the theme again and in fact the only thing Jesus asked of us. Our worth is defined by love. Our ability to change the world comes from love, beginning with ourselves. Love it is!! Love wins again!!! Romans 8:38-39. Practice love. Practice changing the dialogue in your head. Love! It will change everything!!!

Until then…..love. Hug yourself. Be in the moment


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