Storming equals no sleep!

Sometimes I think that my life can’t get weirder….then it does! Yesterday started like most days, you remember…the mundane!! Lol!! Get up, putz around, take a shower…. same old routine!! We got ready to go to the local small town rodeo where my daughter and son and law were team roping and other things. It wasn’t an overly hot day and we have had rain in the forecast for several days and again for several days to come. The humidity was high enough that Mike’s decision to watch from the truck was probably a good one!! Not me, I found a seat on the other side of the arena with water and my cooler in close reach. That may or may not have been the best idea, just sayin! I thoroughly enjoyed watching and spending time with the kids but maybe I had too much fun, maybe!!

We took a quick trip to the watering hole to get a burger and go home! I was in bed by 8:30pm. Approximately 8:36pm I was snoring loudly only to drown out Mike’s equally annoying snore!!! It wasn’t long until the thunder and lightning bolted me out of bed on several occasions!! Sleep became intermittent and by 3:33am I begin hearing weird noises!! Now I have lived in this house 14 summers and have rarely been woken by storms! I said to Mike, “what is that noise?” Grumpy replies “it’s the damn thunder go back to sleep!” I lay there listening, and again I hear a strange howl-like whine. “What is that???” “Nothing!” “Are the dogs in the garage?” I ask. Of course the dogs are in they are never out at night!! He thinks I’m crazy and hearing voices!! That’s the normal response especially since I do have a noise in my ears all of the time!! The noise persists so I open the door off my bedroom and look out towards the pool and there is something black hanging on the side of the pool!!! I can’t make out what it is and in the country it could have been anything!!! I dart back in and yell “there’s something in the pool!!!” To which I get a lot of bad words and a reluctant participant!!! It’s pouring and dark and I have no idea what is in the pool!!! We have never had anything in the pool much less at 4:00am!!! “Where’s a light??” “I don’t know!!!” I said! “I’m not going out without a light! What if it bites me?!” I agreed but for some reason we didn’t go get one!! He stomps over and reaches into the water and drags a large black dog out of the pool! It is tired, cold, scared and so were we!!! Mike put him in the garage kennel and gave him food and water and back to bed we went. The weird dreams I had after I finally fell asleep are some for the record books!! I had to watch NASA channel of the space stations view of earth to finally bore myself to sleep!!

This morning we start searching for his owner to no avail! My son, his wife and my incredibly fun grandson surprised us for lunch and one phone call to his old pal and the dogs owner was found! The dog had been missing since Friday and it’s Monday! No wonder he was hungry!! That’s one lucky dog!! His shock collar was buzzing but obviously didn’t stop him from running!!

Although the storms are coming tonight should be more peaceful!!!



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