Old and entitled….

My family had a joke when I was little that when a person turned 80 that they immediately earned the “right” to say whatever they liked. This was our excuse for rude, blunt, hateful, and nasty things that angry “old people” say. Of course it was tongue in cheek and the mean things that came out of their mouths hurt. We were inundated with nasty people in the drugstore. People naturally don’t come in because they felt good, most felt bad and took it out on all of us. While what they were doing was wrong, to this day I try to be extraordinarily polite to customers or people who are jerks, however sometimes I get a gut full. Today is one of those days.

It’s no surprise that flying isn’t the most comfortable mode of travel, but the nasty mouthed “old entitled” people wear me out. You’ve heard me talk about fat flying! You know, where people judge me before they find out I smell amazing?!! Today’s experience was pathetic. Don’t get me wrong either!! I know and love so many beautiful, amazing, conscientious, kind older people!! I’m not talking about that kind. I’m talking about the assholes.

My husband is 6’6″ tall. He doesn’t ever complain that his knees are literally rubbed up against the seat in front of him. He sits and tries to accommodate others due to his size. This evening the man in front of him, along with his lovely wife, with an empty seat between them, began throwing a fit. He was throwing himself backwards trying to recline the seat. He was straining and pushing, straining and yelling at Mike. All the while Mike was calm and cool and tried to show the man that he couldn’t move anywhere. That didn’t phase the determined grouch of a man. Mike’s knees were taking the brunt of this red faced, gin blossomed, angry, troll like man, so he quietly leaned forward and says quietly “excuse me Sir, again, I have no where for my knees to go and you are hitting me with your seat that’s why your seat can’t recline completely because I have no where to put my knees.” The man immediately jumped up and hot footed it up the aisle to find a stewardess! She came back and was trying to explain that there was no room for him to recline, that he could move to the middle seat. He swore and said “make him move, I have every right to recline my seat!!!” The poor girl kept apologizing to Mike and appease this jackass at the same time. He was so rude to her as well. I couldn’t believe he called it a “right”! Every right? Every right? Why sure you do!! And because you are nasty, you have every right to scream and carry on and make a scene because you are a privileged angry white man. 🤮. Had he been one of my children (clearly he’s regressed) I would have spanked his ass and made him apologize! Right kids?!?! The truth is that you have a right to do nothing on a plane. You are a guest that is supposed to play by their rules. So I say…. “You entitled poop excuse me while I tell you that you are making a complete ass of yourself and your lovely wife must have lived with you so long that she has to agree so you don’t spit on her too while you carry on!” Ugh. Flying is a privilege. Being comfortable is impossible even if you throw your seat back into an innocent bystander. They announced at the beginning of the flight they said you have the duty to obey the flight staff but they mentioned nothing About “rights”. The passive aggressive in me thinks if I had a loogie I would put it on your dirty hat, maybe it would run down and make you gag, you rude, crude, homely, unkind, shit talking puke!! As it is, Mike said nothing, neither did I. I have spent the time writing this blog being mean mugged and talked about, loud enough I can hear them and their lovely brother and sister in law (You can tell because they all look alike 🤢) and yet, we stay quiet. I was raised to not fight back. So I don’t. In my mind I have done horrible things to them and said even worse!!! Maybe I could flick a booger.

I’m over people. I think I can’t handle entitlement on most levels. I think that mean and ugly need to find their own island rather than unleash their nastiness on others. I think that people are so rude because they have black hearts. This is all too common now. I still preach “be nice, spread the love”. Today I might spread a dried up booger.

Until then….peace out asshole.


Here he is!!! Make him famous!!


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