IF You are Going to Plan Your Life, Write in Pencil!!

02I think Mike is getting tired of me talking!  Now, before you say “Duh” out loud, I have to explain! I think that I am a pretty funny gal by nature!  When I was younger I knew that I would be cast on some sit com for my stellar comedic skills, but I never went to a casting call so that didn’t happen!! Lol!!  Then in my 30’s I wanted my own TV show where I would invite guests to join me on the couch where I could grill ’em!! Yeah, that didn’t happen!   The next project however, is still in the making, and this one is happening!!  My BFF and I are getting ukuleles and starting a variety show.  I think this is going to be a hit with our GoPro cameras attached to our heads!!  The sad part is, we are the only two so the “variety” is somewhat…

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