Harassment sometimes pronounced “Harris-ment” comes in all forms.  Today the phone rings at least seven times at work only to hear “HELLO, DON’T HANG UP.  YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT IS IN JEOPARDY.”  So, I don’t hang up.  I wait, wait, wait, “Please remove my number from your list please” I say.  “Since you asked to be removed I am going to add you to some other lists. Bye.”  There is no number to call to report them, there is no agency that is going to stop them and before I knew it the phone was ringing again!  It is harassment.  It is completely disrupting my work environment and when I get home, they blow up my cell phone!  When I am president I will make all robo-calls illegal.  You can thank me now.

As most of you know, I publish my blog on Word Press as well as a Facebook page and I put the link on Instagram.   I have no problem putting my truth on paper, but for some people, seeing the truth becomes very upsetting to them.  Truth sets you free!! I kind of have to smile, not in a bad way, but smile in that what difference does it make if it is in print?  If the truth is upsetting to you, then ask yourself what work you need to do within you to make it not so??  Most generally people don’t harass me or say unkind things, but occasionally I get one.  Last week there was a lengthy nasty gram on my Facebook site.  For those of you who saw it, thank you for telling me; for those who didn’t, no worries!  I want to clarify one thing first and foremost.  There is not one adult person on this earth who makes a decision for another adult person.  WE do not make choices for our children as they are grown and married, except Bug.  We do not keep our children from visiting anyone, talking to anyone or having friendships and relationships, that is completely their choice.  My only job now as their parent is to give advice if they ask, hug them if they are hurting and offer ideas for peace.   The choices that we make as adults often have consequences, and I do not even make the consequences!  If I did, they might be even worse that what has been given!  The person who ranted on me means nothing to me, so I can’t even muster any emotion!  I have no sorrow for their choices, nor do I particularly feel anything about the venom they spewed at me.  I have made decisions to remove people from my life for various reasons.  Some were removed because betrayal is too painful to deal with, some for lies, some for hatefulness, some for being constant shit stirrers.  I still believe that those who stir the shit pot should have to lick the spoon, but because physically this turmoil is too much for me to metabolize anymore, I walk away.  That being said, it isn’t something I talk about, but if you really need to know, please ask me, there is nothing that I won’t answer.  I would much rather answer questions rather than hear it on the street.  People love, love, love to assume things and make up their own stories!! Most are completely incorrect, but hey, they make a good tale!!  This person felt the need to publically air their laundry, so I deleted it.  I appreciate knowing that it was mudding up my site.  I still say forgive and move along.  Whatever works!! I have made many, many mistakes in my life, but I am not one who runs from my faults, or blames someone else for my errors.  If I have hurt someone, intentionally or not, if I am aware, I own it and I apologize.  If I have hurt someone and I am not aware that I did, please tell me so that I have the opportunity to correct it if I am able.  If it is past the point of correction at least give me the opportunity to know what I did so I can move along as well.  Fair??  So often I have encountered people who say or do something to someone and get caught.  Rather than owning it and admitting they did, it spins fast as lightening and it becomes the other persons fault!! For example, “the reason I said or did __________ is because you haven’t been talking to me like you used to.”  What?? I am so far past this kind of excuse.  Newsflash, a little humility and explanation could repair that hurt by saying, ” I apologize for my mean words, I was frustrated and I took it out on you. Can you forgive me?”  For Pete’s sake don’t act like you didn’t do it!!  Imagine what a kinder world we could have if adults would own their actions and teach their kids to own theirs.  It’s hard.  But it works!!

So, for the rest of harassment, I apologize if I have done that to you.  I apologize if my words or actions caused hurt.  I certainly don’t wake up in the morning wondering who I can offend.  To the person who dealt me the nasty words on my site, I harbor no resentment to you, but if you come at my kids, this Momma will make you wish you had your lips sewn shut.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your time with your people if you are able to be with them. If you are lonely on Thanksgiving reach out, serve at the food bank, deliver a meal, you don’t have to look far to find someone who is having a rough time and could use a hug.  Don’t harass people!!! Be kind.

Sorry for the rant!!!

until then…..be kind


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