Giving is easier than receiving…. it is

Taking compliments is very difficult for me. I have no trouble giving compliments but for some reason I struggle accepting them. Last night during a class I’m taking we had to share an affirmation about every person in the class and in turn they say something positive to you. I have had my affirmations written down for weeks and found it so easy to tell each person what they mean to me. Seriously, I am surrounded by some really beautiful souls and amazing people. Each one possesses an attribute that fulfills a part of me. Each person is so different from the other but all are common in their compassion and generosity. The beauty of a wide variety of people in my life is that I learn something different from each one, and am thankful for the gifts they bring whether they know it or not!

Listening to them talk openly about me was one of the most humbling experiences I’ve encountered in a long time. I don’t see myself in any of the things they said, really. I am a work in progress every single day. I don’t feel like I am any different than anyone else. Not better, not above, not below, just another human trying to survive in an every changing world. One of them said they appreciated my “insight”. I appreciated that and explained that I had recently started writing again and that my only goal in sharing any of my experiences or stories was to enhance, improve, lift up, encourage, or help others. If one thing that I have said or written has helped another person not feel alone or afraid then I have done my job.

Sharing stories, life experiences, kindness and love changes people, it changes me. I am the selfish person who truly gains more from people around me than I ever dreamed of giving. God has blessed me, lead me and redeemed me. For so many years I felt unworthy of goodness and forgiveness that I was drowning in a spiritual void that was so intense the waves beat me almost to death, literally. I am so thankful to Mike Harvey for showing me the goodness of God even when I truly fought Him and refused to believe. The steadfast gift of the Holy Spirit is real. It has the power to change us. I am blessed with a man who never gave up on me by seeing more in me than I ever did.

Today’s lesson is the most simple I can teach. Today, tell those around you what you like about them. Point out their goodness and characteristics that make them unique. Tell them what they mean to you or how they have positively affected your life.

“Give a little bit. Give a little bit of your time to me …”

Barb, thank you for inviting me to Stephen’s Ministry. It has improved my life and filled my soul with joy. I love you.

Enjoy the sunshine. Put your face to the sun and say “thank you”.

Until then…. positively peace.


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