Wednesday Mornings

I go to a women’s Bible study at my church on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 a.m. I think that I have been going for almost five years, but knowing how time gets away from me, I am not sure. I love this group and I love each of the ladies in this group. When I started this study I was the youngest in this group of 20 or so, and I believe that the oldest at that time was in her 90’s. Now, my daughter attends so she lowers the average significantly since she is only 24!! This group of women have survived all kinds of life trials and sadness. Many of them have lost their loves, buried their babies, fought various health issues, beaten cancer, live with cancer, fought brain tumors, nursed family until they passed, and still managed to remain faithful. This is group has laughed together, cried together, mourned together, but most importantly they have prayed together. No subject is too big to tackle and is worth it if it can help someone! They welcomed this wayward soul with open arms and have helped me stay focused on the prize.

When I was diagnosed and in the months/years to come, they have consistently held me in their prayers and in their hugs. They are inspirational in their steadfast love and their ability to thank God even in the dark times. Recently we were on break for the holidays and today was our first day to return to class. I didn’t realize how very much that I missed them and their love. I missed hearing their prayers of thanks for all of the blessings in their lives, prayers for those who are hurting, sick or grieving and knowing that they mean it. There is so much love and empathy in these women that it makes me have hope for the rest of us! My pity party has been in session for a week or more, mostly more, so I was in dire need of the reality check. Do you ever just feel like your soul is tired? I do. I am bushed, wiped out, tired, emotionally drained and physically fighting an unseen enemy, my own body that seems to be kicking me pretty hard lately. I have questioned everything and sometimes get angry, which tends to unleash on the people who don’t deserve any of it. I try very hard to remain positive and encouraged but some days that doesn’t work. Today, I walked out of our class feeling better. I felt stronger knowing that I was in the company of people who truly care about me. This is so important in my life, but then I think about people who do not have that type of support system. God has placed people in my life for a reason and in this case I believe that the reason was to strengthen my faith and to remind me that even in the darkness there is goodness. My week always goes better when I take an hour on a Wednesday morning to be reminded that even when you feel alone we are never separated from God. Thank you to all of the women in my group. I am so thankful for each of you for making this journey easier. Thank you for your encouragement and thank you for your sage wisdom. This kid needs it!! God bless you all.

until then….stop to remember why you are here….


Missing a couple, but this is us!

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