My Muse Comes From the Dangdest places!!

I can go weeks without thinking of something to write about, but for some reason this week I am full of more useless information!! I work with all men. I realize that they don’t pay attention to things like women do and the layout of this building isn’t the greatest. The shop bathroom contains the heat/air condition unit as well as the air return vent. Every single day, without fail, someone has to use that bathroom. This winter has been especially difficult because the furnace kicks on much more often and the high power vent is directly above my desk. I get to share in the fog that comes out of that bathroom for an exorbitant amount of time. Mike can’t smell anything, so if the shop smells like last weeks garbage, he doesn’t notice. It does me no good to complain to him!! This human function can actually ruin my day and make me angry! I try very hard to not let my olfactory senses dictate my mood, but I can’t seem to control that. I have written about the way that my sense of smell is probably more sensitive and acute than other people, so I live with essential oils at the ready. Today I have now rubbed Thieves oil under my nose in an attempt to not vomit. I am also attacking this with humor!!

Which brings me to another point that I have noticed. Men don’t seem to be aware that there are trash cans in the bathroom because the hand towels never find it!! They don’t notice a dirty sink or filthy toilet!! I often wonder what the world would be if men and women alike didn’t notice the details!! I don’t mind tidying up, especially now that I have channeled Marie Kondo!! I don’t mind cleaning toilets, sinks, floors and cleaning in general because I love the smell of bleach and Comet!! Does anyone else use Comet and sing the song? “Comet will make your hair turn green. Comet, it tastes like gas-o-line. Comet will make you vomit. So use Comet and vomit today!” I sing it every single time I shake the first bit of amazing powder!! I also sing the “diarrhea song” on occasion too!! I don’t think I will ever get so old that I don’t find those songs hilarious!!! Much to my mother’s chagrin I taught them to my kids!! If you ask her today I am certain she would say that was one of her proudest moments!!

I don’t know where I am going with this post; no where really. I just had found myself with my nose in my shirt while I was trying to get some work finished and instead was side tracked by that hot, vile smell!! It lasted too long, so I put it to paper. Whoever used the back bathroom “put it to paper” too!! I apologize for my infantile poop humor butt some days I need a laugh, no matter how childish it is!!

until then…..let er rip….: )

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