Today ….

So since Lent is a reflective time to consider what God has done for us it was important to me to start off the season with Ash Wednesday. The ashes are a reminder that I came from dust and to dust I will return. In the meantime I have work to do. I have already failed in my attempt to “stop complaining about how I feel” and will be forgiven and start again tomorrow! I am going to focus on gratitude and saying “THANK YOU” a dozen times a day! In my quest for spiritual enlightenment I have to keep the focus on all of the good in my life. I may not have things the way that I would like them, but I am grateful for what is in front of me.

Recently I asked a man I know the same question we flippantly ask each other, “How are things in your world?” His answer made me stop and think. He replied, “The things that matter most are all alright.” I get it. The things that matter the most to me are family, friends, church, love, love and more love. They are all alright. It was a super important reality check to hear him say that. Often we say “fine” with as much attention to the “fine” as flippantly as we ask, “how are you?” Do you really care or are you just trying to start some fake conversation? As it is, I would like to think that if I asked you would tell the truth and I would listen. I am getting wayyyyy better about the listening part! I am grateful if someone asks how I am and means it. Don’t worry, I am getting really good at saying, “I’m wonderful” rather than explaining all of the things that are wrong with me! I think people appreciate that I am not dumping my issues!!!

My goal this week is to say “thank you” and smile before I get out of bed in the mornings. Recently I notice that getting up and moving is more and more difficult, so if I start with gratitude that makes me the winner, right? Every single day I am becoming a different person, on purpose, or with purpose! I work continually to improve me; to listen, to give, to forgive more, to think before I spout off, to not get wrapped up in what others think about me; that truly is none of my business. What is my business is how I choose to let all of this noise resonate within me. I make the choice to listen to the clanging, or I can turn it into music. I like the idea of music! Gratitude=music. Yep!

Today is almost in the books. I am thankful for many, things: Bible study with my ladies, a hug from my sister Barb, a hug from my sister Shelly, a call from my dear Mary, a hug from Addie and Erin, a FaceTime call from Finn, church with Erin, Ross, Blayke and Mike, lunch from Jim’s, Patrick, my heater from Aldi’s that warms my feet, sunshine, not having to drive, Vivian and the pups…. You see, the things that matter most are alright.

Until then….share a hug


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