Sandhill cranes are interesting creatures. While I am fiercely afraid of birds, I am fascinated by these birds. In 1991 when we moved to Nebraska with our 5 day old baby, we were unfamiliar with any Nebraska history or tourism. One Sunday after church in March of 1992 we went to Kearney to shop and go to lunch. When we got to the Platte River we started to see these things in the fields making it look as if it were crawling. We had no idea what they were nor why they were there and covering miles and miles.

Over 600,000 cranes have chosen that migration path since “Eocene period” over 10 million years ago and have outlasted many species. 80 percent of the worlds crane population uses Nebraska for its resting ground for about 8 weeks from late February to the middle of April. They come to do the dance for the viewing pleasure of thousands of eager birders every year. It’s a sight to behold and one of those things that remind me that there is a God. How on earth have they managed to survive and adapt to all of the environmental issues we have created? Miraculous actually!!

Cranes dance. They hop and twirl and flap their huge wings even when they are standing alone in the field. They don’t seem to notice who is watching or even care who is watching! They live “dance like no one is watching” to the perfect level. I think the dance of the crane would be a good dance for people to do! These cranes dance and show off and make people really happy and then move on to their next dance hall on their way to their summer home. If only we could create that kind of unadulterated joy in crazy dancing and then vanish to carry on at our next stop? Last night Micheal Buble’ told the audience that it doesn’t matter if you dance well, everyone can twist! So, we did the twist!! Some were in time with the music and others not so much but everyone looked so happy twisting!! Happy!! That’s the key!! It would be the bomb to be crane-like and do the twist!! What a glorious gift we have as humans to make the choice to cause deliberate joy and happiness!! Do it!! Be the happy!!

Have a great Sunday and work week!!

Until then…dance on!!


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