I find notes all around my house which is actually kind of ironic given that I can seldom find any paper to write on when I need it. Today I was on the phone with my friend, Mary, and I find several notes that I had taken during one of our many phone calls! We talk about everything from God, food, family, health, laughing, sadness, projects and even “what if we get to Heaven and find out that God’s real name is Crystal?” I don’t mean that with any irreverence whatsoever, I just wonder about this life and this journey I am taking. and I think that God has an incredible sense of humor and an even more exemplary sense of timing! If I didn’t laugh and just go with it, I would be more insane than I feel today! I found a note that said “Write the book. Love, Dad”. He had written it on a little piece of paper long ago and I saved it. I save things in places that I think I will find again, but I am always amazed at where I find them again!!

I don’t know about writing the book yet, my poor disconnected brain has a tough time giving focus to a blog post! This on has taken me 10 months to finish (I started it January 21, 2020) and I even take a week or two between thoughts to regroup!! I am not up for the book yet, but I am up to talk about what is buggin’ me! Today I was just thinking about how every day I read Facebook posts about all of the negative things that are infiltrating every thought and emotion that I have. I have a very bad habit of scrolling Facebook first thing in the morning. I have trained myself to look past anything I don’t want to see! People post violent pictures of beaten people, murder scenes, car wrecks, political memes and similar things and I can feel myself start to freak out inside. My fight or flight meter pegs and I get so upset. I can’t help myself. Regardless, I find that I am needing to laugh more and worry less! Say it again….LAUGH MORE and WORRY LESS!! This week was a battle from the moment my eyes opened on Monday and the light is still dim on this Wednesday evening. Laughing is the only relief there is and I am trying to get a giggle where I can find it. It hasn’t been a complete fail, but each time the phone rings, I wonder who is going to drown me in their bullshit. Between Covid and politics, fear has taken over most everyone in our country. Happiness has been put on the back burner so that we can debate basic human rights, money and taxes. UGH!! Isn’t it a sad situation that we can’t see the forest through the trees? Destruction of property, sign stealing, combine burning, lethal hate has reared it’s head like I have never seen in my lifetime. What is wrong with us? What is it that we have to prove? Why do we honestly think that we have any right to tell someone else what is right for them? What one chooses to do with their life is none of our business unless it affects you directly, but to tell random strangers they are not living right….shut your mouth!! It must stop. We have to choose to make it stop. WE must make a concerted effort to STAY out of other people’s business and choose to spread joy. Does it really affect you and your everyday life? It can be as simple as watching someone chew with their mouth open! How does that really affect you on a daily basis? Stop judging. Stop watching if you don’t like it. Stop BELIEVING everything you see or read. Just stop. Stop it all! CHOOSE WISELY!! Choose to count your blessings and to be a blessing to others!! That changes behavior faster than criticism.

This life is the only one you get. This is a one trick pony. This is your one shot!! Stop wasting time!! There is no reason for people to waste the days they have to perpetuate this anger and hate. I HATE IT!! Not that what I say will make any difference, because it appears to me that those who speak LOVE are seldom heard. The noise of the angry drown out the beauty of those who choose to love. Eventually, many will be silenced by the angry. Fighting for light and goodness seems to take a back seat, (where love was once a big thing, lol) to hate and discontent. I truly believe if people would choose gratitude, they would find that their anger can not coexist in the same space of their minds. How nice would it be!!? We are natural born takers! From the moment we draw our first breath we are takers. We demand food from our mothers, we demand comfort and we demand love. If those things aren’t provided, then anger and loathing fester. It makes sense to me to stop being a taker and grow up!! Enjoy the life that you are gifted. Help others enjoy the life they are given by bringing joy and speaking peace and love. Seriously guys, we are entering the Christmas season! Make yourself a promise to only post things that could be helpful, understanding or bring joy and humor. See where it takes you! In the mean time I am going to share a funny video of Finn learning to hide the golf ball! This is funny and so sweet to me!!

I love you all….really! I do!!

until then

be kind


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