I require a lot of hugs! I require hand holding, hugs, affection and to feel like I’m still useful. This is what fills my heart and literally fills my tank. My blood pressure goes down, my dopamine level goes up and I feel like I can take a deep breath. I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for months and months which has caused my lungs to get some weird psychosomatic atrophy. I can’t expand to full capacity without really thinking about how shallow I’m breathing. I need to feel like a human again. I feel like all of the political fighting and hate could be solved if people could hug! How horrible that COVID-19 raised its ugly head at the time in our lives where we need hugs more than ever in our history. Black, white, gay, straight, old, young, fat, thin, mean, nice; you name it, the division would be narrowed significantly if people would/could hug!! It’s virtually impossible to stay hateful or angry if someone is squeezing the life out of you!!

The best part of my days is the hugs and kisses I get from Allie! Every day, even when I am not at my best, she crawls as fast as she can to get her morning hug! Finn has figured that CoCo loves big, strong hugs and he grunts like it’s so much work to give the best hugs!! I love when he runs for some squdges and smiles like it’s the first time he’s seen me! What a beautiful place this world would be if everyone tried that!

I was thinking about voting and I think rather than a sticker saying “I voted” they should get a hug instead! Maybe if they didn’t call out names and your political party and instead said, “ next hugger please step up” it would change the way our brains process our differences.

Just thinking. Nothing earth shattering. I need Covid to get the hell out of our lives and let me get down to business filling up my tank. Yep. That’s it.

Until then…. pray for those of us who require more physical healing!!


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