Thank You

Thanksgiving day and Mike and I are home with the dogs! It’s really a good feeling to have my adult children be in their lives and present within their groups. For years holidays were anything but peaceful and we certainly didn’t look forward to shoving all of those personalities into the same room. It was stressful. That’s reality. A reality that has finally broken though to peace! I am grateful for all of the memories and lessons those days gave me, but I don’t want to go back! Our goal as parents has been to allow our kids to cultivate different traditions and the freedom to explore them! We will go along for whatever as long as they include us! Lol!! Saturday we will gather at my kids house and laugh and eat and be as sluggish as we like!!! The pressure is off and hopefully we will all stay in our own lanes!

This year has been the biggest year of spiritual growth and letting go I have ever experienced. The letting go has been a blessing that I can’t describe. I am selfishly taking care of me and boy oh boy is it enlightening! Throughout my life I filled my box of memories and carried so many other peoples words, actions, desires and scars inside this box and it was so heavy. I have unpacked it all and now carry items of my choosing. I’m not saying that I don’t want to please other people, but my feelings take priority. If it brings joy and happiness, in it goes. If it brings anxiety and angst, nope, sorry, it stays out!

You may ask yourself, “if she has so much peace then why does she talk about it so much?” Good question! For me talking about it is like giving someone permission to reach out and get their own stuff cleared out. I know I didn’t realize where all of the negativity goes, whether it is a look, a mean word, a punch in the arm, a lie whatever didn’t serve you well… I can tell you where it goes. It creeps into every cell of your body and comes out as pain, stiffness, emotional outbursts, headaches, sadness and more pain. It resonates inside you whether you confront it or not. But…by naming it or naming them you can identify them and get rid of their juju. Doesn’t mean that the scars aren’t there it just means that you called it out and sent it away. Try it. You just might be surprised!

Anyway, today I wish you blessings beyond compare and peace in your hearts. This road is rough and sometimes overwhelming but it sure is better when you count on yourself to get the happy! You are worth every single bit of it!! Get the massage, read the book, identify your baggage, lose the burden of other peoples crap, move yourself into what makes you happy. I promise you will be better for those who really love you!! And those who really love you will be your biggest cheerleaders! If they love you they won’t be threatened by your growth!! It’s funny to hear how “crazy” I must be!! I’m crazy alright, pull up a chair we have plenty of room for another!

Until then….

Be you!!


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