A Queen for a Day… I think so…

I knew from the time I was little that I was born a princess and wanted to be a Queen! My dad used to tell me that he knew all too well that I was born a princess, but that I was given to him to raise and there was nothing I was going to do about that. He was right in that there was nothing I could do about it….but I feel I am still destined to be a Queen! After all….

Today, I am saddened that the Platinum Jubilee Queen has died. She was a force to reckon with and a beautiful example of grace under pressure. She was a testimony to “girl power” and strength for 70 years!! I can’t even imagine being in the public eye for 70 years! I don’t foresee the monarchy handling the pressures of society and family with the quiet power that she displayed. I have the feeling that Charles and his homely wife will be much more vocal in the face of his daughter in law and son. The Queen? She got her point across without publicly saying anything.

This will be a week of the likes we Yanks have never seen. It will be bigger than any world leader in my lifetime. Pope John Paul’s funeral might be the only one I can think of that might compare, but we shall see.

Thank you Queen Elizabeth for a job well done. Thank you for showing grace during the most difficult times of your life. Thank you for leaving the Union in a better place.

Until then… Rest. Quietly.


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