Goodbye 202-1

The cold is creeping in and after a 70 degree Christmas, I suppose it’s time. What better way to end/begin a year with an Arctic blast of -27 F?! The cold may just freeze me in my tracks but the “cold” can’t stop my progress!! Before I delve into this blog, I want to put … Continue reading Goodbye 202-1

Where is Your Faith?

God, Creator of the Universe, Higher Power, Divine, Source Energy, call it what you will, we are connected! We are never disconnected from this Love of God unless we choose to be in a living Hell. I believe this. I love this! But sometimes when life beats me up, I need a huge reminder. My reminders come from people who really do love me. Today's blog brought to you by my friend Mary. I thank her so very much for her wise words and her insight. Today she says, "It's not about getting what you want, it's about patience."