Give your hugs….they heal


I have been told that I wear my feelings on my sleeve….I suppose that is true.  I have been ridiculed by people close to me when I post things on Facebook, because I am an open book.  I suppose that is true. I don’t have anything I feel the need to hide.  My bucket of crap is no different than anyone else!!   I have never, nor will I ever, be someone different at home, another person at church, or someone else in public.  What you see is what you get.  I live to be as genuine to myself as possible, and I have always said  I am an open book, ask away!!  That being said, it is all relative.

I have an issue with some of the “friends” I have on Facebook!  Many of them have requested to be a Facebook friend, and I accept, then I see them in public and they act like they don’t know me!! It’s funny really!!  I then go on and hit the “unfriend” button and move a long with life!  Some have gotten angry but I am not in the creeping business.  If you are on my list as my friend, chances are, you are my friend, and I will speak to you!!

I really think that if people were more open about their lives without fear of judgement this world would be a better place. If you are willing to live your life as an open book, perhaps someone might read it and be able to relate. Maybe your life experience truly could help someone see the light and success at the end of the tunnel.   I am struck by the number of suicides that I have read about in our area this week. The sadness that is stuck inside of these poor people needed to be heard.   How on earth are people supposed to heal if fear prohibits their ability to talk it over and over and over until someone hears them and they are able to walk out of the darkness?  I am saddened by the idea that maybe if they could have taken ten minutes more they would have made a different decision.  The average age of the victim continues to drop.  That should scare all of us.  It could be someone you love.

Living honestly and admitting that no one has the perfect existence is imperative.  What we experience is the perfect tool to help others.  While this month is mental health month, I think that loving each other has more power to change the outcome for some than anything.  People need to be needed, no matter how down and out they appear.

Admittedly I am no expert in the area of depression, but I have had it.  I am no expert on suicide, but I have loved people who have removed themselves from this earth.  I am no expert in mental health, but sometimes mine is not good.  I am, however, an expert in hugs.  I am an expert at listening.  I know the power of the human touch and feeling like you matter because you do.  I suppose that is why I have no tolerance for the pressure of social media and the idea that everyone is your friend.  Some are not.  Some are just there to pretend so they can see you struggle.  This life is hard.  Getting up each day is hard.  My journey is hard, and I don’t say this for pity, many days are very difficult to navigate; but you keep going.  I certainly don’t have the answers, but I hope that in my “out there-ness” I might help someone.  I hope that if you have a question or need someone to reach out to, don’t hesitate.  You are important.  To me.

Until then….Give lots of hugs

love, hugs, light


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